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The Ordo Templi Luciferi

Core Beliefs

Core Beliefs

Unlike the Atheism of many Satanic organizations today, we believe that there is more to life than what meets the eye. The following is a brief summary of our beliefs:


1.                  We believe that the source of all creation (the Plethora) is beyond Man=s comprehension and includes all things and nothing.


2.                  We believe all things are an emanation of the Plethora.


3.                  We believe that all physical things originate in the spiritual realm and descend to manifest on the physical plane of existence.


4.                  We believe all things are connected through the Plethora.


5.                  We believe in the existence of Satan/Lucifer as an actual entity, who was/is another emanation of the Plethora and helps Man to advance spiritually towards AAsar-Un-Nepher@ (oneself made perfect).


6.                  We believe Satan/ Lucifer is the real creator of this world, and truly Athe Lord of this World@.


7.                  We believe YHVH, the blind idiot god, in his thirst for power, usurped Lucifer, and seeks to enslave & destroy all Mankind.


8.                  We believe in the existence of many daemons (or spirits), which help us in our Magick and spiritual advancement.


9.                  We believe the daemons we work with should be treated with respect. (This means we do not in any way force them to work with us against their will).


10.              We believe these daemons are neither "good" nor "evil" but rather hold the seeds of both. Therefore, we see them in various shades of gray.


* Note: Good and evil are relevant terms, so we prefer to think in individual terms of  "positive" and "negative". (Good for me, Bad for me)  


11.              While we do use Magick to better our daily lives, we believe the ultimate aim of Magick is to reach ones own godhood.


12.              We believe if necessary, and we so desire, Lucifer may send us back to live many life times to accomplish this goal.


13.              We see no distinction between White and Black Magick. Magick is Magick, and we use whatever magickal techniques best serve our purpose at the time. Much of our magick is daemonic in nature, seeing how we work with the daemons toward our spiritual advancement.


14.              We believe in free thought, as we are all individuals. One must learn to think for oneself, ask questions, do the research, study, ask thy daimon, then decide for yourself.


15.              We believe there is no inherent virtue in the morality of society, but because we live in said society, if one chooses to live outside the moral codes of society, they must be ready and willing to take responsibility for their actions.

Some Gnostic Luciferian Theology

The Ultimate is Leviathan, the Primeval Serpent, the Chaos Dragon, Ruler of the Abyss, the Void of Chaos Itself,  Leviathan is the One in All, and the All in One. It is Eternity, Infinity, the source of all things.

As the Principle which governs all things, Leviathan is Beelzebul, Lord of the Universe.

As the Force and Energy which motivates all things, Leviathan is Astaroth, Queen of Heaven and the Abyss, Mother of Creation.

Beelzebul is Lord, and Astaroth is Queen, but they are One, inseperable, two aspects of the same Ultimate. They are the underlying idea of the Lord and Lady of Wiccan belief - though much of Wicca, sadly, has become little more than angry women and geeky men who play dress-up while venerating Jesus With Tits (and, on occasion, Jesus With Horns).

When Leviathan awakes, and Principle and Force are united, Lucifer is born. Lucifer is the Ultimate made manifest, as Void becomes Being, and Eternity becomes Time. Lucifer is the Bearer of Light, the Firebringer, the angel of creation. His "Fall" is nothing less than the manifestation of existence from nothingness, like a thunderbolt in the darkness.

The children of Astaroth are Sammael, the Red Dragon of positive polarity, and Lilith, the Green Dragon of negative polarity. From Beelzebul spring Eris, the power of repulsion, discord and dissolution, and Eros, that of attraction, coagulation and union. These four are siblings, insepareble. Eros brings Sammael and Lilith together, while Eris seperates Sammael from Sammael, and Lilith from Lilith, like from like.... but not always. From these are all the physical forces, and all the atomic building blocks of the elements.

Matter is born of Energy, and is thus the daughter, or grand-daughter, of Astaroth. Matter takes Form, a sort of Order based upon a temporary set of patterns in the underlying Chaos. That Order is Ialdabaoth, the son, or grandson, of Beelzebul and Astaroth, of Leviathan, of Chaos. Ialdabaoth is the power which allows matter and energy to achieve true form and purpose, but it is also a conservative, reactionary power, intolerant and striving for stasis. It fancies itself eternal and all-powerful, but Beelzebul as the true Lord, and Astaroth the true Power, and Leviathan alone is Eternal. Ialdabaoth is the name the Gnostics gave to what most Jews and Christians call 'God.'

Life springs from the activity of Lucifer. Ialdabaoth represents the various patterns of Order which have sustained the living ecosystem. Lucifer always pushes creation towards ever greater complexity, and in the context of biology this is known as evolution.  

Lucifer has given us our sentience and intelligence. Our spirits and our souls are His gifts to us - for self-awareness is built upon randomness and Chaos, so that truly we each within ourselves contain a spark of the Almighty, of the Divine, of the Serpent Leviathan manifest as Lucifer.

Some Luciferian Text

Dark Doctrines